Factor 4 & Intensif Microneedling RF Younger looking skin


Factor 4 & Intensif Microneedling RF

Factor 4, the next generation collagen stimulating serum treatment.

At True Skin, we combine Factor 4 treatment with the Intensif Microneedling RF for more impressive results.

How is Factor 4 produced? Your blood is processed using patented technologically advanced tubing,

Top 5 Acne Myths—Busted!

There are lots of misconceptions regarding acne causes and development, and we’re sure you’ve come across most of them, especially if you’ve dealt or have been dealing with such skin condition for quite a time.

Here at True Skin, a leading and well-established cosmetic and laser clinic in Sydney, we’d like to help set things straight by citing the facts that debunk the following acne myths.

Acne Alert: Beware of These 5 Facial Skin Threats

Acne are like thorns on a face. They’re not only painful and annoying, they’re also embarrassing, especially when they start growing in size and number. We may undergo a series of acne treatments and religiously abide by seemingly endless facial care regimens; but at times, these pimples just can’t help getting under our skin, literally and figuratively.

8 Simple Yet Effective Measures for Acne Prevention

The face is the most visible and recognisable part of the body. To have it covered with acne would be such a pity. Many would consider it more than just an annoyance. This is why many people all over the globe, whether from Sydney or Singapore, will go to great lengths to rid their face of any traces of acne.