Introducing the Dermapen® – now skin needling is even more effective


Skin needling is also known in the skin and medical community as Dermarolling, Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), Collagen Induction Therapy, Dry Tattooing and Intradermabrasion. The process of needling involves the application of multiple needles into the skins surface with an automated vibration. This stimulates natural collagen reproduction and also creates fine channels for the increased delivery (up to 80%) of topical nutrients and skin aiding products.

Similar to fractional laser treatments but without the side effects or downtime, needling is more effective than most microdermabrasion procedures or chemical peels in the treatment of scar removal as well as skin tightening and rejuvenation.

At True Skin we only use the best. Dermapen® uses the most advanced, safest and effective micro needling technology. Contrary to dermarolling, Dermapen® features vertical needles to reduce the chance of needle bending and for accurate penetration of the skin. The needles are disposable to minimise contamination and feature a unique scalloped edge around the pen’s surface to increase surface area to minimise discomfort and improve control.


Should I prepare my skin prior to having treatment?

We generally recommend a period of effective active treatment products such as Vitamin A, B and C or Resveratrol & Anti-oxidants to allow the skin’s strength to build-up (especially thin or delicate skin areas).

How long before I see results?

Typically, you will see results after the first treatment a few days after as the skin begins to heal. However a more lasting and significant result will be achieved with multiple treatments (generally spaced at 4-6 weeks apart). Immediately post treatment you can expect some redness for 12-48 hours which can be covered with mineral makeup and a post treatment balm.

What do I expect during treatment?

As this treatment involves physical albeit gentle piercing of the skin with needles, we will apply a topical anaesthetic for you to minimise discomfort. The treatment itself is quick and small areas can take as little as 15 minutes after initial anaesthetic application.

Dermapen® is the leading micro-needling solution and can be used to treat all of the following:

  • Aging sagging skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Smokers lines around the lips
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars (acne, surgical and burns)*
  • Alopecia

*Not recommended for those with active acne or actual infection of the skin in the area to be treated.

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