Laser Treatment for Rosacea

Red rash on your face? Our laser treatment for rosacea will reduce facial redness

Red blotches on your face, a red rash on your face, red face skin … If you suffer any of these embarrassing and painful skin conditions, you likely need our laser treatment for rosacea.

True Skin’s skilled and highly qualified clinicians know how treat rosacea and facial redness in all its forms. Our rosacea laser treatment will reduce the red marks on your face and any redness around your nose – and bring you relief from rosacea’s discomfort.

Winter’s chill will only aggravate those burning, itching or stinging sensations and your embarrassment. Don’t delay. Book your free consultation at True Skin today.

What is rosacea? What are rosacea’s symptoms and the danger signs?

Rosacea tends to manifest itself very differently from person to person. That said, there are several common signs and symptoms. Here’s a list:

Flushing Many people with rosacea flush or blush suddenly and frequently. The flushes might last for several minutes. This facial redness is often one of the first signs of rosacea.

Hyper-reactive ‘facial skin’ People who react dramatically to sunlight or physical touch put this down to their having sensitive skin. But this reaction involves the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin, which are dilating in response to touch or sunlight.

Persistent redness Facial redness follows flushing. This redness looks like sunburn and takes a long time to clear. Again, blood vessel dilation is the trigger.

Spots, pus-filled pimples and blisters. These can give the appearance of teenage acne. Unlike acne, however, there are no blackheads. The sufferer may experience burning or stinging. Squeezing or extracting the bumps do not improve the rosacea.

Vascular rosacea As rosacea worsens, small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks become so inflamed they take on the look of tiny spider webs (this is known as telangiectasia). Unfortunately, a sufferer’s skin can blotch so much it can be mistaken for the skin of an alcoholic. It is important to note that while alcohol may trigger rosacea flare-ups, drinking is not an underlying cause of rosacea.

Rhinophyma Severe, untreated rosacea can result in the fibrous thickening of the skin, especially around the nose, enlarging it. The condition affects more men than women.

Eye irritation, or ocular rosacea In many rosacea patients, the eyes may become irritated. The eyelids may also redden and swell, and styes become common. In severe cases you can lose your sight – so if you have these symptoms, you must seek medical help.

Dry appearance The central facial skin may roughen and appear to be dry.

Plaques Raised red patches may appear, surrounded by seemingly healthy skin.

Facial swelling, or edema This is caused when fluid builds up in the facial skin.

As we write in our blog about knowledge being your best defence against rosacea, this distressing skin condition affects about 10 per cent of Australians. Sadly, experts believe that most minor to moderate cases are never diagnosed.

Is there a cure? If not, what is the best rosacea treatment?

There is no cure for this skin condition and its sufferers can experience periodic episodes. However, medical treatment and lifestyle changes can reduce the symptoms. Some sufferers need long-term medical therapy to maintain remission.

The qualified clinicians at our Sydney skin clinic know how to treat rosacea. While topical and oral antibiotics or treatments are often prescribed to help treat this condition, laser is also effective in treating the often painful symptoms on the face.

Some case of rosacea can be cleared for long periods by using a combination of laser, intense pulse light and vascular laser treatments. The periods of remissions can last months and even years.

At True Skin, we use Laser Genesis to treat and reduce diffuse redness by gently heating the upper dermis below the skin’s surface. Contact us on 0415 620 008 or email us for a consultation.

Laser treatment for rosacea – the cost

The cost of rosacea laser treatment starts from $100 for small areas. During your initial consultation (which is free), a True Skin clinician will advise you of the likely cost of a course of treatment.

Do you have red skin on your face? In discomfort?

Don’t put up with it. If you need rosacea laser treatment, telangiectasia treatment or erythema treatment, contact us now for a free consultation. Contact us now on 0415 620 008 for your initial consultation.