Pore reduction – our holistic treatment reduces large pores

Pores are openings for oil glands within the skin that also release sweat and often contain hair follicles. Skin cells are constantly dying inside the follicle and at the same time small sebaceous glands located inside the follicle produce oil called sebum which travels up the follicle and exits through the pore. Pores also carry the dead skin cells found within the follicle up to the skin’s surface and as a result can become clogged with dead skin cells and debris. This restricts the flow of oil, resulting in enlargement of the follicular opening and the desire for a pore reduction treatment.

Those who have oily skin must take special care to avoid open pores on their skin by using the right skincare regime, coupled with a Spectra Peel treatment to help reduce the occurrence of enlarged pores.

Another treatment option for pore reduction and overall skin rejuvenation is Skin Needling. Also known as Micro needling or Derma Pen, this process is classed as an advanced resurfacing technique and is used to treat many other skin issues.

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