LED light therapy

LED light therapy – skin rejuvenation that gives nature a helping hand

LED light therapy is the process of converting light energy into cellular energy for natural, non-invasive skin rejuvenation. Through a combination of Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and infrared light therapy these wavelengths work for:

  • Anti aging therapy
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Scar treatment
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Acne treatment
  • Flaccid skin
  • Hair loss
  • Enhanced wound healing
  • Pigmentation
  • Discomfort and more

Blue and Red light can also be used to activate PDT, (PhotoDynamic Therapy).

There are many scientifically proven and well-documented life processes that are light dependent. For instance:

  • Photosynthesis (plants)
  • Production of vitamin D in human skin
  • Regulation of moods and circadian rhythm in both humans and animals

LIGHTWAVE LED light therapy stimulates the rejuvenation of living tissues through the process of “photo-bio-stimulation”, which means “the stimulation of life with light.” Photobiostimulation is very similar to the process of photosynthesis. As you remember from high school, photosynthesis is the process by which plants manufacture chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the energy, which drives the functions of the plant at the cellular level, allowing the plant to thrive. Chlorophyll is to the plant what ATP is to the human body. Neither chlorophyll nor ATP can be manufactured without the presence of specific-wavelengths of light.

It is important to note that the visible Red and Infra-red energies used in a LIGHTWAVE treatment do not heal/rejuvenate the tissues being treated. LIGHTWAVE simply provides the tissues being treated with the energy necessary to spark the production of ATP. Once ATP is produced, the body will use this energy to carry out repair and rejuvenation on a cellular level and in return, the body will visibly repair itself.

Blue light (wavelength 405nm-420nm) provides a superficial or slight penetration of light into the skin. It is mostly absorbed by the epidermis of the skin. Blue light (at specific wavelength 405-420nm) targets the P. acnes bacteria by stimulating the body’s tissues to convert the energy from the light into ATP. Within six to eight sessions, you will see a marked difference. When Blue Light LED Therapy and Red Light LED Therapy are utilised in conjunction to one another they become very effective at targeting inflammatory acne.

LED Lightwave Therapy

Red light(wavelength 630nm-640nm) penetrates the skin superficially, with about 80% of the energy being absorbed in the first 2cm. Our skin has photo receptors or biological switches which are activated by specific wavelengths, in particular 630nm wavelength, which increases the production of ATP. This in turn boosts fibroblast activity which is pre-collagen building activity, ideal for allowing to skin to renew itself on it’s own.

LED Lightwave Therapy

Infrared (IR) light (wavelength 800nm – 900nm) energy penetrates skin to a deeper level than Blue and Red light. A NASA study has shown that approximately 50% penetrates to 8cm and decreases to less than 1% at 20cm. Infrared energy heats skin and the effects are well documented for therapeutic pain management. Cosmetic use of IR is possible as IR stimulates the NaK+ pump involved in increasing the permeability of the cell membrane. This process facilitates the equilibrium of cellular pH, while also increasing nutritional absorption and the elimination of waste byproducts.

Skin is affected differently by pulsing the different wavelengths between 10 Hz – 10,000 Hz. High or fast pulses stimulate mitosis and cellular repair, Mid-range pulses stimulate endorphin production and slow pulses reduce nerve sensitivity by decreasing the production of Brinikin lucitrin required for the transmission of pain signals.

We have specific programs that use a combination of the different wavelengths (colours) and pulses frequencies including continuous waves which are designed for optimum skin and tissue response for each pre-set indication.

Because some skin care products contain reflective agents we cleanse the skin before LED Treatment to ensure the light can best penetrate the skin for the most effective result.

Why not book 10 sessions of LED to treat your skin concern and receive a discount on the one off price.

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