Our laser tattoo removal will end your ‘tattoo regret’ safely

Considering a laser tattoo removal? Then arrange a free consultation at our Sydney skin and laser clinic – and rest easy. Not only do we fade all colours, including green, effectively, we do it safely.

That’s because True Skin is a reputable skin clinic, staffed by a doctor, a registered nurse and highly qualified clinicians.

In other words, we’re professionals, we fade tattoos successfully and we put your health first, at all times .

Why you should consult True Skin over your laser tattoo removal

We know how to remove tattoos. We strive to be Sydney’s best tattoo removal clinic. And because we know what we are doing, we can confidently tackle the tattoos a lesser laser clinic won’t touch and deliver the results you expect. Consider these points:

  • We treat all ink colours, including green
  • We treat any area – including the face, eyebrows and knuckles
  • We employ several techniques to reduce any pain you might feel during a treatment
  • We are straight talkers. We will give you an honest estimate of the number of laser sessions we will need to remove your tattoo
  • We are easy to reach – our clinic is between Sydney’s Town Hall and St James stations

You’re in safe hands for tattoo removal at True Skin cosmetic and laser clinic in Sydney

If you want to remove a “tat”, no doubt you have been looking into laser tattoo removal. And you might have discovered Sydney’s laser clinics are not all the same. This is because the industry is largely unregulated. Worse, you now know:

  • Many people who claim to be “certified” or “accredited” laser specialists have no qualifications in medicine, nursing or any of the sciences
  • Because of their inexperience and lack of knowledge, some have burnt or scarred their clients
    Some of them will mislead you in order to get your business, usually by underestimating the number of sessions you will need to fade a tattoo

The clinicians at True Skin cosmetic and laser clinic are experienced and have the best of credentials. Between them, they have degrees or diplomas in medicine, nursing, biochemistry and beauty therapy.

What is more, True Skin keeps up with recognised best practices in cosmetic surgery and laser treatments and our team follows them. The welfare of our patients is our chief concern.

Don’t get ‘burned’ – a last word on the laser operators to avoid

The advent of cheap laser machines has allowed many amateurs to set up shop, call themselves a specialist laser clinic and start removing tattoos, sometimes with dire consequences for their clients. As we mention above, because of their inexperience and lack of training, some tattoo removers have burnt and scarred their clients.

You should avoid these people. You don’t want “tattoo regret” to be replaced by “tattoo removal regret”.  Here’s a quick guide on how to recognise them:

  • They term themselves as “certified” or “accredited”. Often this means they took a course provided by the laser manufacturer, usually with the sole intention of obtaining liability insurance.
  • They offer bottom-of-the-market prices. We suggest you should be wary of paying as little as $50 per session to get your tattoo removed. If budget is a factor, perhaps it might be better to continue living with your tattoo while saving for treatment at a reputable clinic.
  • They underestimate the number of sessions required to fade your tattoo, knowing that once started you are likely to continue. In our Q&A blog on tattoo removal, we make clear that most likely you will likely need five to 10 sessions and that the figure is likely to be in the upper range. We also clearly state that some tattoos will require more than 10 sessions to fade.

How much does a laser session at a reputable tattoo removal clinic cost?

Pricing depends on the size of the tattoo and the number of colours. We provide a comprehensive consultation that, among other factors, assesses your skin type and the size of your tattoo before giving you a firm quote. Our prices start from $90 (which include GST). We also offer topical anaesthetic cream (numbing cream) and local anaestheic (numbing injection) to make the experience more comfortable for you, at an extra cost.

How to end your tattoo nightmare

Keen to watch your problem tattoo fade from your life? The next step is easy, contact us now on 0415 620 008 for your initial consultation with our doctor who will also giving you a quote.

Interested in any of our other laser services? We can erase scarring or remove unsightly veins from all parts of the body, among other treatments.