Factor4: revolutionary plasma therapy for facial rejuvenation, skin tightening & anti-aging.

True Skin has great news if you are concerned about aging skin – we now offer Factor4 plasma therapy for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation.

If you’re worried about saggy skin or crepey skin, chest wrinkles or aging hands, Factor4 is an anti-aging marvel. It makes conventional platelet-rich plasma therapy obsolete.

The revolutionary Factor4 system concentrates the growth factors in your blood. When reintroduced into your system, these growth factors stimulate collagen production, boosting your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

The therapy is non-invasive and, because no foreign bodies are involved, safe. The Factor4 serum also contains anti-inflammatory proteins, which reduces downtime,

You can expect noticeable results within three weeks of your first treatment – and great results after your fourth plasma treatment.

The concept of using the blood’s power to heal and rejuvenate is not new. You might have heard of platelet-rich plasma therapy. Elite athletes such Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have used PRP’s ability to repair tissue to treat their sports injuries. When aesthetic medicine discovered PRP’s qualities as a facial rejuvenation treatment and ability to reduce the signs of aging, beauties such as Kim Kardashian turned to it.

Now there’s Factor4. Where Factor4 differs from conventional PRP therapy is that it delivers a high concentration of growth factors. Indeed, Factor4 produces plasma that has four times more growth factors than any other branded blood-rich injection product. (If you’d like to know more, we will soon post a blog outlining the science behind Factor4.)

The True Skin clinical team will use Factor4 for skin repair, skin tightening and skin brightening. Importantly, our clinicians will use it to treat:

  • Saggy facial skin and laugh lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Crow’s feet, wrinkles under eyes, crepey skin under eyes and dark eye circles
  • Crepey skin (including crepey neck skin) and most forms of sagging skin
  • Chest wrinkles and décolletage wrinkles
  • Saggy skin on arms and hands (see more below)
  • Skin scarring and stretch marks
  • Knee wrinkles
  • Sun-damaged skin, skin pigmentation and dehydrated skin
  • Wrinkles, skin aging and age spots

We have more good news if you choose Factor4 for your anti-aging skin care needs. The pain is no worse than with any other injectable treatment, plus the Factor4 plasma treatment leaves no scarring. As mentioned earlier, because the Factor4 serum is also rich in anti-inflammatory proteins, post-treatment downtime is minimal.

Why not try Factor4 on your most bothersome area – perhaps your forehead wrinkles, the wrinkles under your eyes, or the crepey skin on your chest? Concerned about a wrinkly neck? Stretch marks? Knee wrinkles or décolletage wrinkles? Age spots removal? Then turn to Factor4’s revolutionary skin repair abilities.

Let’s take a moment to recap. Factor4 uses the latest medical technology to concentrate the growth factors in your blood, producing a super-rich plasma. We can then use this super-rich plasma for skin repair, skin rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation and other treatments. Factor4 naturally rejuvenates your collagen, which improves skin elasticity, slows the skin’s aging process and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pores, scars and age spots. It is an effective skin-tightening treatment. And as the treatment reduces the signs of aging and your skin texture improves, you will look and feel younger.

Plasma therapy – micro needling only, or micro needling with a plasma injection?

For optimum effectiveness, we recommend four Factor4 treatments spaced two to four weeks apart, followed by yearly ‘top-ups’. Expect noticeable results within three weeks, and great results after your fourth plasma treatment.

Here’s a guide to what you can expect during a course of plasma treatment at our Sydney CBD skin clinic, and why we may choose to skip giving you an injection.

At your initial consultation (which is free from Monday to Friday), a True Skin clinician will examine the area you would like treated and advise you whether Factor4 treatment is appropriate. If you decide to go ahead, we will book a blood collection. We will likely make your booking for another day, as we must collect your blood by 8.30am.

If you have ever made a blood donation, you will know the morning of your blood collection is nothing to fear. The procedure is the same – and we will also offer you a cup of tea and biscuit! Please note, we will likely ask for a deposit at this stage (more on the plasma treatment cost below). We simply request that you hydrate well the day before by drinking up plenty of H2O!

On the day of collection, your blood will be stored in the Factor4 system’s special tubing and incubated for at least six hours. The ground-breaking design of Factor4’s tubing stimulates the rapid production of growth factors. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge, and a serum is harvested. This serum is filtered and then stored ready for your first treatment.

Again, this is nothing to fear. We will ensure any discomfort you might feel is minimised, and we will keep you informed of every step in the process.

First up, we will explain that we will take one of two approaches to your treatment. The one we choose will depend on your skin issue.

If we opt for the first, we will apply the Factor4 serum (remember, it’s your blood, enriched with growth factors) to your skin. We will then make two to three micro-needling (skin needling) passes until the skin has absorbed most of the serum. The rest of the serum we will massage into the treatment area.

We may choose the second approach if you have specific problems such as scarring, fine lines or wrinkles. Depending on the extent of the problem, our doctor or registered nurse may opt to give you a plasma injection. If this is the case, the injection will be made directly into the dermis. Then, as before, we will make skin-needling passes and massage the serum into the skin.


Lost volume, age spots on hands – turn to Factor4 for hand rejuvenation

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your hands? Would you like an effective skin rejuvenation treatment not just for age spots, but also for the loose skin, unattractive wrinkles, prominent veins and rope-like tendons you see on them?

Factor4’s plasma treatment will do more than fade age spots on hands, arms and elsewhere. If your hands look gaunt, plasma therapy will also plump out their volume.

What is more, it will do so more smoothly than some other skin treatments. Until now, transferring fat from the navel, thighs or buttocks has been the most common method of adding volume to ageing hands.

The advent of Factor4 allows practitioners of aesthetic medicine to use an alternative method, one which carries little risk of lumping or uneven results.

In summary: as when used on the hands, Factor4 will reduce age spots, increase skin elasticity and reduce visible signs of aging.

Please note we will require a deposit on the morning of your blood collection, should you decide to go ahead.

Visit our blog for more on this revolutionary skin tightening treatment

Would you like to know more about how plasma therapy works to repair skin, or how you should prepare for your treatment? Our blog on the most important aspects of the Factor4 plasma therapy explains why it is superior to treatments promoted as platelet-rich plasma therapy, tells you how to prepare for your Factor4 treatment (whether or not it involves an injection) and provides an after-care guide.

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