Our dermal fillers Sydney service clears wrinkles and makes you look younger

Do you see wrinkles, thin lips and areas of sagging skin when looking in the mirror? Do they horrify you? Want them gone?

If you’re not ready to look older than you feel, contact our Sydney clinic (we are near the City Circle train line) and ask about our dermal fillers.

They are more than lip fillers – they are some of the best weapons available in the fight against the effects of aging.

All reasons why, when it comes to dermal fillers, Sydney has embraced this form of anti-aging treatment. It is non-invasive, virtually painless and fast-acting.

Wrinkle fillers, so called because they fill out hollows in the skin, are certainly effective. They will plump out your lips and face, giving you a more youthful appearance.

They can be used wherever hollows occur. The areas needing treatment might include your lips, cheeks, skin under the eyes, chin and jaw. They can even improve the appearance of your nose.

One of their many advantages is that they will treat wrinkles at depths other methods cannot reach.

Would you like to know how they work? You will find a detailed explanation on our blog, How dermal fillers work to reverse the effects of aging.

As we write there, you might choose to use dermal fillers alone to smooth facial wrinkles and lines, or in tandem with anti-wrinkle injections.

The best anti aging solution in Sydney – fast to act & virtually painless

Our clinicians inject dermal fillers with tiny needles so the discomfort to you is minimal. At worst, you might feel a slight prick. Should you wish, we can apply a numbing gel, or even administer a local anaesthetic.

However, you will quickly forget any discomfort you might experience. This is because you will see the plumping effects of your cosmetic injection almost instantly, and be delighted.

True Skin Cosmetic & Laser Clinic has a range of fillers available, which allows us to tailor your treatment to your needs. We can give your skin a light and subtle lift, or a strong and bold one.

Just as importantly, we know how to administer them. Our clinicians can inject precisely the right volume of filler in exactly the right place.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of dermal fillers:

  • Highly effective
  • Instantly results
  • No surgery required
  • Rarely cause reactions
  • Injected with very fine needles
  • We can apply a numbing cream
  • You can resume normal activities immediately

True Skin offers one of the best dermal filler deals in Sydney

Our dermal filler clients not only get a great level of service, they get several extras.

If you are like most of our patients, one wrinkle treatment (after your free initial consultation) is generally enough.

However, we will invite you back for a complimentary follow-up (approximately two weeks after the initial treatment) to check on your progress and to add more filler if it is required.

During this follow-up session we will also give you a complimentary LED treatment, including a mini skin cleanse.

True Skin – the cosmetic clinic that keeps you fully informed

Whether you opt to use dermal fillers alone or in partnership with anti-wrinkle injections, we will ensure your choice is an informed one.

The clinicians are qualified, widely experienced and good communicators. They will carefully assess your case and advise you on the best dermal filler for you. Our clinical staff will also assure you that dermal fillers are fully biocompatible – in other words, completely safe. They contain materials such as a substance that occurs naturally in the human body and is recognised for its skin renewal capabilities.

Rarely do they cause reactions. However, should you have the type of skin that might, temporarily, bruise or redden, our clinicians will tell you.

What is the cost of a dermal filler?

True Skin stocks some of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available and prices start from as low as $550.

Note that dermal fillers versatile, capable of doing more than smoothing out wrinkles. They can also reshape the jawline and soften scarring.

Contact us now on 0415 620 008 for your initial consultation.