Beauty Booster

Beauty Booster/Skin Booster



The name says it all! Beauty Booster/Skin Booster is a new treatment concept between filling injections and mesotherapy which redensifies your skin deep down and restores its ability to reflect light.

This innovation offers a uniform and totally natural-looking result.

Age, stress, hormonal imbalance (post-birth, menopause, etc) as well as sun, tobacco and a careless lifestyle are all factors involved in skin ageing. At any age, skin ageing is accentuated by the loss of luminosity in your face.

Your complexion dulls, lines develop, the texture of your skin is uneven, wrinkles and lines appear. All these parameters create dark areas on your face and your skin gradually loses its ability to reflect light. Your face looks sad and tired.

This exclusive formula contains a good selection of ingredients which is naturally present in your skin. It contains 15 mg/g hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration.

8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals for Dermo-Restructuring Complex and 1 vitamin. There’s Lidocaine anaesthetic in the product for more injection comfort.

This Light Filling treatment consists of performing microinjections of Teosyal® PureSense Redensity I evenly across the whole face, so that
hyaluronic acid and the Dermo-Restructuring Complex are spread evenly into the skin.

Light Filling treatment sessions at 3 week intervals are recommended for optimal cutaneous redensification.

2 to 3 sessions per year are recommended to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Is your complexion dull?
Is your skin dry ? Are wrinkles
and lines appearing?
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