Spectra Peel

Spectra Peel also known as the Hollywood peel


SpectraPeel with the SPECTRA
from Lutronic. Frequency doubled
Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser

Reduces all types of acne
Controls sebum production
Shrinks large pores
Reduces redness from inflamed acne
Safe even for inflamed acne
No medication required
No need to extract comedones
Reduced reoccurrence and inflammation

Acne affects 85% of all teenagers
and over 30% of adults. Now SpectraPeel
offers a reliable, lasting solution to all
types of acne.’
The SpectraPeel System for Treating Acne.
Step 1
Application of
a special photo-enhancing
lotion to the treatment area.
Step 2
In the special Spectra mode
light reaches deep into the
skin – stimulating skin cell
regeneration and reducing
Step 3
The Q-switched mode
combined with the special
lotion gently peels the old
skin away and cleans the skin
surface while unplugging
pores and stimulating new
skin growth.
Better results with no ‘downtime’…
How does SpectraPeel work?
SpectraPeel’s dual action first attacks your acne deep in the
dermis by stimulating skin cell regeneration and reducing
inflammation then treats the active acne on your skin
surface by gently removing the topmost layer of dead skin
cells, unplugging pores, shrinking sebaceous glands and
stimulating new skin growth.
How many treatments will be required?
Sebum levels, acne pimples and general skin condition will
improve after the first session and two or three treatments
spaced two to three weeks apart should achieve quite
dramatic results.
How long will the results last?
While SpectraPeel is extremely effective and long lasting,
like ordinary laser treatments it is not permanent. To
maintain the clinical results and your clear skin you may
need to schedule follow up visits – usually once every three
months is enough. Your clinician will advise you how to
maintain the improved condition of your skin.
How much improvement can I expect?
The degree of improvement will depend on your skin type
and the severity of your acne but you will see considerable
improvement after the first treatment. Not only will your
acne be reduced but also your general skin tone and texture
will be noticeably improved as SpectraPeel has multiple
benefits and even reduces large pores and some acne scars.
How is SpectraPeel different from ordinary laser
Unlike ordinary laser treatments SpectraPeel is virtually
painless and the results are quite dramatic. You can return
to your normal life immediately after treatment and with
virtually no risk of side effects and predictable results.
SpectraPeel is simply a better, lasting solution.