Getting the best results

At True Skin we know that when deciding an aesthetic treatment, we all want to achieve the best results possible. So, here are our tips to help you reach your skin’s true potential.

Choosing the Clinic

Firstly, make sure you are choosing the right clinic for you and the treatments you are doing. There are three levels of cosmetic clinics: The first consists of beauty clinics run by beauticians, often referred to as dermal therapists. These clinics offer standard beauty treatments including facials, peels, microdermabrasion and some light-based therapies.

The second level consists of non-invasive cosmetic clinics run by doctors and cosmetic nurses who are qualified to administer a more diverse range of treatments including, cosmetic injectables, laser, and skin tightening.

The final level consists of cosmetic surgeries, run by cosmetic surgeons who perform more invasive procedures including surgeries.

All these clinics are a good option, but just ensure that the professional that is treating you has experience and is able to do the treatment that you decide.

Furthermore, take the time to have a thorough consultation prior to your treatment. This is why at True Skin, all our first time patients are seen by our doctor first, so they can have a space to ask all the important questions. This should be done for any type of treatment.

Important things to have in mind:

What is done in the treatment?

Get as much detail as you need so you can arrive relaxed to treatment day.

Should I expect any pain?

This question is fundamental so you are not surprised on treatment day. Ask if there is anything that can be done before the treatment to minimise risks or pain.


Always ask if there are any contraindications or if any of your lifestyle factors could potentially impact you undergoing the treatment. This could be drinking alcohol, exercise, or if you are trying to conceive.

is there any downtime?

Get information about how you are going to look after the treatment. For example, certain peels can leave your face irritated or flaky for up to one week, knowing these details helps us organize around our appointment.

Pre and Post treatment care

Very important. Ask if there is something to be done before and after your treatment, because this will also impact the quality of results.  Do I need to avoid the sun? Can I exercise after? Is there any skincare products I can use? These are all questions that depend on the treatment.

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